Ultrarunning World 39 is available now as a free download from the Downloads page and as a printed copy from the shop on the Ultrarunning World.co.uk website. The magazine was completed in November and subscribers were sent a link and now its available to everyone.

The latest edition of Ultrarunning World features 80 pages including:
• Kate Maltby’s Pilates article
• Dawn Gardener – Warwickshire Ring Canal Race
• Dawn Nunes – Comrades 2022
• David Tolmie – Great Glen Ultra
• Karl Baxter Interview
• Frank Van der Endt – Bali Ultra Trail
• Laura Watts – Badwater 135
• Sarah Booth – Northumberland Coastal Ultra
• Danielle Ledbury – Lisa Watson Interview part 2
• Emma Morton & Sophie Bennet – Angelus Trail
• Gordon Cherr – A short Course In Miracles
• Manuel Nicolaus – King Offa’s Dyke Race
• Alistair Potter – King Offa’s Dyke Race

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