Nate Dirvin

Soaring On with a Spiritual Shell By Nate Dirvin

Before I ran ultra marathons, I had the urge to help others through hard times and struggles of grief and loss. As a counselor for over a decade, I aspired to put forth my best effort to help others, especially through traumatic events. I had been through my own loss after facing a traumatic custody battle with my son. Running ultras

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British Trail Running Championships 2023

The British Trail Running Championships 2023 – Short Distance event will be the Forest of Dean Half Marathon. The race will be held on Saturday 2nd April 2023. Full details of the event can be found on the FodHM website here. ( ) The Ultra Distance event for 2023 will be the Ridgeway 86. The

ultrarunning world magazine 40

Ultrarunning World Issue 40 Is Out Now

We are happy to announce that Ultrarunning World Issue 40 Is Out Now. This months Guest Editor is team member Sarah Thi who runs with Hinckley RC and who has a few ultras on her resume. Front cover photo is Jenny Tough who features in a new documentary by Summit Media Fever. Checkout the Jenny

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Ultrarunning World 39 Out Now

Ultrarunning World 39 is available now as a free download from the Downloads page and as a printed copy from the shop on the Ultrarunning website. The magazine was completed in November and subscribers were sent a link and now its available to everyone. The latest edition of Ultrarunning World features 80 pages including:

Spartathlon – Its Getting Close… Bryn Jones

Its Getting Close… Spartathlon billed as the most grueling foot race on earth. Spartathlon is the 153 mile (246km) ultramarathon race held in Greece since 1983. The Spartathlon race aims to trace the footsteps of Pheidippides, an Athenian messenger sent to Sparta in 490 BC to seek help against the Persians in the Battle of

Ultrarunning World Magazine Issue 37 Is Out Now

We are delighted to announce that Ultrarunning World Magazine issue 37 is out now. This new edition of the free online magazine features original articles from writers and ultrarunners that inspire and inform from Australia, Austria, Ireland, the US and the UK. Issue 37 features: Extending Your Ultra Distance, Mindfully: Why it Might be Time

Hall of Fame: Richard Brown

The Hall of Fame would be amiss if it did not showcase the length and breadth of one extraordinary ultra-distance career. This was expedited by Richard Brown, an icon of the ultra-running world. An incredibly modest athlete who, with the encouragement of his wife Sandra, incrementally broke records and demolished plentiful miles in a steady